Apricot Computers Inc. Technology

We are proud to offer the latest technological solutions! Providing our valued customers the best solutions to access the Internet. We are now able to provide access in a safe, secure, and affordable platform. Our team has spent years pioneering what we consider all an inclusive bundle to get online.

WiMax allows our team to transmit data over the air. Cloud computing has been around for many years. Thanks to large organizations. The ability to scale to what you want is possible. Building a product that fits your exact requirements relies on choosing what you want in data storage, speed. Web resources.

The web is now a platform. The archaic disk operated systems are a thing of the past. Installing programs, computer freezes, incompatibility of hardware, all contribute to a dislike for the computing experience. Apricot Computers Inc. transcends to a higher level of using the power of the web.

The information on current technological advancements will interest you. Knowing what we value is important. The information below is by no means all-inclusive. We want to share the major pillars that support our company.

  • Wired vs Wireless
  • Mobility & You
  • Best Clouds
  • The Future!

Wired vs Wireless
For a substantial amount of time computers and electronic communication was predicated on using wires. From the time we played telephone with tin cans to using a personal computer to send email. The world is connected via cable, and other wires. Of course we cannot get away from a 100% wireless infrastructure. We can allow our users a wireless solution.
High speed broadband today relies on fiber, cable, copper wires and others to carry data.

Apricot Computers Inc.’s Mobile Network Devices use IEEE 802.16 standard frequencies to carry data across at least two end nodes. Accessing our network from your device using Point-to-Point wireless connections allow a faster and reliable form of communication.
We have seen such wireless connections in the mobile cellular market. The current 4G (4th generation) technology allows a high capacity of data to be transmitted. The wireless frequency although similar is different than cellular signals.

There are major advantages to using Apricot Computers Inc.’s wireless products and services. A typical desktop PC prevents you from accessing the network in flexible configurations. You are forced to be in one location while you access the Internet. Apricot Computers Inc. sees this as a disadvantage. People who have nomadic work styles or need to fulfill educational demands may change where they work everyday. This wouldn’t be a problem since as long as the signal is
received, your free to access any website. That simple. Connect and go!

Mobility & You

Since Apricot Computers Inc. has selected wireless to be the better option over difficult cables. Providing a mobile lifestyle is key. The need for connectivity throughout the city in a typical wired setting would rely on cables being connected to a router or modem. Apricot Computers Inc. solves this with wireless radio equipment. All that’s required is an Apricot Computers Inc. Mobile Network Device which you can find on our Get Mobile site.

Key advantages for being mobile.

Very low cost of installation & easier long-term maintenance.
Faster upgrades and resolution to problems
Scalability is possible. Wireless can be setup where ever. No matter where you are.
Redundancy allows to ensure the network is up continuously.
Mobility allows for connecting to many types of devices.

Best Clouds

Cloud computing is here. Many people hear the word cloud and may not know exactly how it’s applied. The archaic desktop, notebook, and tablets have a pre-set amount of computing power. Many people who use these devices don’t know that what they don’t use is wasted. By power, money, and time. The essence of cloud computing takes that waste and allows it to be utilized efficiently. Over time saving you money.

Apricot Computers Inc. relies on efficiently using computing resources. Since our valued customers want the best from using our network devices. The beauty of Apricot Computers Inc. allows the customer to be in control. By allowing the client to decide where they want to store data supports many benefits. Allowing better security, back-up, maintenance, and access.

The Future!
The future is here! The days of discs, CD’s, wires, and manual setup of infrastructure is over. Apricot Computers Inc. is embarking on the wireless future. Connectivity to your favorite websites, video, images, and games can be performed with our solutions. Apricot Computers Inc. does see an even brighter future. We must say farewell to the Internet of old and embrace the future of wireless and cloud computing.

Many countries are impacted by such high costs. Apricot Computers Inc. wants to change the game. We can migrate our existing data into effecient data centers. The entire world can truly experience what it means to partake in open and secure networks. Apricot Computers Inc. wants you to join us on this monumental endeavor.