Stay the Course!

Since 2011 our team had a goal! We wanted to embark on changing the world of how people accessed the Internet. Since then we have made exceptional accomplishments. From new minds joining our team, to integrating new software within our framework, as well as understanding what we want from Apricot Computers. The difficulty we found in starting a new tech. company is rooted in trust. Apricot Computers is filled with technical challenges. One important aspect of growing the company relied on giving users what they wanted at an affordable price.

2011 was a great year for our initial developers. The devices we provide rely on wireless Internet. In order for users to use our hardware we needed to connect people to secure high speed Internet. Yes, is super difficult. Hackers, thieves, weather, security, you name it all arise. One achievement was our cloud based desktop. The open source desktop allowed anyone who had a device to connect without the need of installing software. Our web desktop is tailored to slim devices that support WiFi.

The beauty of staying on our target has allowed our company to excel in changing the world of IoT. The Internet of things relies on  affordable hardware. The model most IT firms currently use involves installing software, choosing an ISP, the anatomy of a notebook PC, or tablet, or smart phone cannot survive in the IoT ecosystem. Why? Specificity. Devices today are constructed with users who are expected to do everything when it comes to software and hardware. This design of hardware increases the cost and ability to focus on a particular task. Apricot Computers devices are built with either educational students in mind, or just to advertise, or just to relay medical data from one point to another. Simple. To win the fight in supporting a world of IoT devices relies on focusing on exactly what the user wants to do and provide them the hardware and web apps to accomplish such a goal.

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