Internet Solutions

Apricot Computers provides many solutions to fit your needs. Getting connected to the Internet isn’t just about hooking up a modem. Apricot Computers high-speed wireless services offers effective ways to get you online!

Our team is proud to be an all in one resource to link many solutions together. The days of having to run wires everywhere with cable, DSL, T1s, and dial-up are a thing of the past! The future is wireless.

We take a holistic approach to providing data access. Security, maintenance, support, connectivity, & much more. What would you do in the event of your precious data on your hard drive failing? Or If a hacker compromised a port in your network?
Apricot Computers takes these disastrous scenarios in constructing our system architecture. We solve numerous obstacles that most modern solutions cannot provide.
These include, but are not limited to:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Small/Home Office Access
  • Transportation Applications
  • Government Solutions
  • Classroom Setting
  • Point of Sale (POS) Resources
  • Residential Services
  • Enterprise Networking
  • Data Backup

Video Surveillance
Apricot Computers is equipped to support any video surveillance requirements. A custom mobile networking system can place cameras anywhere. Our hardware design is capable of using camera equipment that can support IR, Nightvision, HD, and many other technologies. Advantages to streaming video over the Internet vs CCTV are endless. The expense of CCTV setup is higher. Signals used by WiFi can have greater advantages over hard-wired connections. Video streams can be placed on cloud drives.

Transportation Applications
Transportation can be challenging to manage. Apricot Computers has custom solutions to allow vehicular and pedestrian traffic to operate effectively. Traffic management systems rely on hardware designed by 3rd parties and deployed within our network topology. The wireless network that is utilized can reduce delays, jams, and most of all be cost effective. Eliminate the need for trenching and cabling today!

Government Solutions
Providing secure and stable governmental infrastructure can be handled by our team of specialists. Governmental needs differ widely from one country to another. Mobility, security, consistency is a common requirement nonetheless. Since we leverage many cloud solutions data is secure and protected within the data center.

Apricot Computers can tailor our systems to fit challenging needs. Please contact a representative to select from the best option. Government clients benefit from significant discounts. Ranging from an estimated 20-35% discount on custom projects. Exact terms and conditions will be agreed upon based on availability and service agreements.

Classroom Setting
Education is the key for future leaders. We place a great emphasis on students within the community to access e-learning resources. Apricot Computers can support academic institutions in many ways. The digital classroom is a place where learning relies on being connected to the Internet. Apricot Computers can make that possible for your school, college, or university.

We are ready to work with you to provide an affordable way to get your campus online. Select the “Get Support” link on Apricot Computers website. You will be able to contact our team to discuss the best to connect your pupils to the Internet. If you still have a more customized setup.

Residential Services
Apricot Computers can provide solutions in the comfort of your own home. Start small and expand! Scalability is necessary for changing needs. Purchase an Apricot Scrol® or go for a larger Internet access device. We can provision resources for you and your family.

You can also select faster speeds or data rates immediately. Performance is monitored through our web interface. Apricot Computers consistent and flexible architecture is constructed using cloud services that scale when you want them. Seamlessly integrate Apricot devices in every room of your house. No more tearing walls or having to keep calling technicians. Your home can remain intact while you enjoy surfing the web.

Enterprise Needs
Every business has one thing in common. Reliance on secure Internet connection. Apricot Computers understands this unique need. Our team enables your enterprise suitable for mission-critical objectives. Continuity, disaster recovery, and security is necessary for your business.

Apricot Computers offers all the components in a complete online environment. Our value added service can be tailored for your business needs. Our services are flexible so you can add or remove them at any time without being charged penalties.

& Much More…