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Our team appreciates those who supported our efforts to improve the developing world. We highly value supporting children who desire higher education. Please support our effort to develop environments that need IT resources in the classroom. You can track donation activity and goals by visiting our GoFundMe campaign. Click on the image below:


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Charitable Contributions

Your charitable contributions are crucial. The new technology our team has produced required significant time and effort. With your generous support we allocate funds to running cloud  servers, paying a modest amount to our staff, and developing tools for promoting open source resources for people in Africa and other developing countries. If you have not donated, PLEASE do so. We truly thank you for your modest support.



Apricot Computers Helps!
✓ Supports needy students
✓ Provides open access to learning material
✓ Enables IT tools
✓ Fosters growth


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Help Students

How are your Apricot Computers charitable contributions changing lives? Donating to Apricot Computers is great and you will be rewarded from it. We believe that your charitable contribution will allow students in poor countries to have access to a new prosperous life. Support Apricot Computers today.


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Where are your Apricot Computers charitable contributions going?
There are many areas that your contributions will be used. It takes a lot to provide computer hardware in developing countries. A brief list includes:

Apricot Computers Donation Expenses:
✓ Wages and Staff Salary
✓ Wireless Equipment
✓ Internet installation
✓ Utilities costs
✓ and much more…