Challenges of Launching a Computer Company

Struggle! The first stage of trying to solve the digital divide problem is realizing we need to hack it from a different angle. Apricot Computers was started with the goal of providing those with a lack of means to have a chance to connect to the internet. Most countries such as Zambia are systemically poor. The very mindset of the people is back in the 1800’s. Power plagues the country, poverty, and lack to modern resources.

Let’s start a computer company there! YEAH. Most people would wonder why on earth would you even live in a place like Zambia. Well, where there is a will there’s a way. The choice of launching a computer company here was not our teams first intention. The talented Apricot Computers team taps into talented people all over the world. Russia, India, America, etc..

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I need Apricot Computers!

The ability to provide hardware and software in an affordable package takes a lot of thinking outside the box. How do we use cloud computing? Back-up power is a must! How can dust and the rugged environment not damage sensitive electronics? How can we get shipping costs low enough for most people, etc.. These are just a minuscule amount of challenges that go into cracking the problem of affordable computing for the average Zambian.


Happy Computing, Apricot Team

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