Cracking the Manufacture Factor

To build or not to build. That is the question. The beauty today with new developments in manufacturing allows ease and lower cost for building computer hardware. Today, things can be very affordable. The days of having to tool, and produce expensive molds is OVER! One of the ways our team is able to reduce having to order 1000 units, pay for shipping, storage of products, etc.. is with 3D Printing.

3D Printing has allowed Apricot Computers to be a scalable business. Literally, starting a manufacturing plant in the moms office has ensued. The plastic cases can be built one at a time. Very quickly. This is very effective since building new cases and shapes only takes a few modifications to the CAD file. Adapting to the challenging needs of Zambia is critical.

The fun part is our imagination can run wild with new designs! While keeping the costs low enough to produce new and innovative solutions. The plastic is ordered at a low cost and assembled on a scalable framework.


Happy Manufacturing!

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