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Brand NameApricot Computers
Apricot uPendo® 23.6inch Digital Web-Navigator

Intelligence at your fingertips.

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networking, OS, safety, product, ultimate
DescriptionThe Apricot uPendo® let's you reach higher with a Multi-functional web-navigation system. Apricot uPendo® allows rapid communication for global access. With over 23 inches of remarkable screen quality. High refresh rate allows jitter free viewing. High resolution pixels support dimensions up to 1920*1080.
Perfect for the entire family, business professional, or student. Call loved ones using Whatsapp, keep in touch on Facebook, or open your e-commerce store. Access is provided only with uPendo®.
Apricot's easy touch system support easy menu access. Say goodbye to bulky cables, antennas, and complex satellite dishes. uPendo® delivers effort-less computing that's easy to setup. Combine your Apricot devices with bluetooth. Watch, play, and do what you want.
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  • 23.6inch digital web-navigator,

  • High resolution (1920*1080),

  • Octa-core 1.3Ghz / 1GB RAM/ 8GB ROM,

  • Apricot Computer kernel OS,

  • Touchscreen,

  • WIFI 802.11b, g, n,

  • Multi-language supported,


  • Online web apps supported,

  • (Bluetooth optional.),

  • (External Battery UPS optional.)
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Size(Width, Height, Length)64x47x16cm

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