About Us

Our Mission

To be recognized by our valued clients as a competitively priced, high quality provider of Internet transportation resources.

Our Philosophy

Today, we all want to access the Internet safely, securely, and efficiently. Unfortunately, many companies get into trouble when too much is sold to the customer.

Apricot Computers specializes in one thing. We focus on what it takes for anyone in the world to travel the global Internet. Achieving that goal relies on making our services simple to use.

Allow the client to be right. We provide the network devices. The client chooses what they want.

Finally, we place an emphasis on style. Finally, we place an emphasis on customers wants and needs.

We Invest in Quality!

Unleashing the inherent power of the cloud, we reduce high expenses of getting online. Apricot Computers provides a complete range of advanced services to connect your home, business or community to the Internet.

With Apricot Computers start:
✓ Streaming videos
✓ Downloading music
✓ Uploading photos
✓ Having fun with multimedia
✓ Advertise your company
✓ Get mobile
✓ Create something new!

Our Internet solutions allow you to access vast Internet resources. There’s a world of information on the net. With so much to choose from and so little time. It can be a hassle to find exactly what you need in modern computer stores. Apricot Computers makes that process a lot simpler. Instead of just selling you a product, we work with you to understand exactly what you want.

We Believe in a Free Internet!

Apricot Computers Inc. aims to provide all our customers with the greatest online experience. Come to us as an Internet Solutions Hub. Our belief in open and free access empowers you to do whatever you want.

Apricot Computers believes in not blocking applications, imposing harsh penalties, or engaging in reductions. We have an “open pipe” methodology. Using the best effort to ensure all our clients have a secure, affordable, and reliable online experience.